Safety policy

Our Food Safety Policy

C. I. FRUTICOL INDUSTRIAL S. A. S., in order to implement and maintain a Food Safety Management System based on the FSSC 22000 scheme, in all processes related to the production, packaging, storage, transportation and marketing of fruit pulp, fruit pieces, fruit blends in pieces with fruit pulp and/or frozen vegetable pieces (smoothie blends), bases its Food Safety Policy on the following guidelines:

  • Compliance with and execution of Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure food safety, compliance with legal requirements and customer needs.
  • Promoting the development of competencies and awareness of our collaborators, through training, communication and strengthening of their capabilities to achieve excellence and continuous improvement of our processes.
  • Continuous Improvement of the Food Safety Management System and its processes, through the definition and application of corrective, preventive and improvement actions.
  • Production of safe products that promote the health and well-being of consumers, applying innovative, efficient, high-tech production processes, ensuring the establishment, implementation and development of effective and close communication channels with customers and consumers.
  • Encouraging the development of our suppliers, based on the establishment of effective communication channels, which allow us to ensure the safety of raw materials, ingredients and packaging, as well as to establish a safe, efficient and high quality service for all.

Objectives of the safety management system

1. Comply with the health requirements and other legal provisions required by national and international legislation.

3. Establish edited communication channels with suppliers to guarantee the reduction of Raw Material hazards.

5. Improve the skill level of the personnel involved.

2. Increase customer and consumer satisfaction, controlling risks associated with food safety

4. Decrease in Non-Conforming Products in Raw Materials (MP), Product in Process (PP) and Finished Product (PT).

6. Measure the performance of the food safety management system.

Review date: June 2023
Version: 05