About us

Our clients will always be the center of everything we do

We are a family business founded in the 80’s in Moniquirá (Boyacá), which started our industrial production in the food sector especially with the guava candy, orienting our commercial activity to exports.


The demands of international markets lead us to move our plant to Cali (Valle del Cauca) in 2000, taking advantage of the logistic benefits of its proximity to the port of Buenaventura and driven by an environment of growing industrial, economic and technological development.

Currently C.I. Fruticol Industrial S.A.S. It is consolidated as a company that produces food derived from tropical fruits, vegetables, guava candy, panela and sugar, preserves and bakery mixes, among others. As well as the commercialization of products of the food sector.


We are a food production and retailing company, which contributes to the well-being of our consumers with nutritious, functional and quality products. We put our experience, highly competent staff and modern technology applied to reliable and innovative processes at the service of our clients. We give value to what we do, we satisfy the needs of our clients, we work for sustainable development.


In 2025 we will be recognized as a food company with a high level of competitiveness, which helps our clients to achieve their business goals by delivering innovative services and solutions, for the contribution to the welfare and health of our consumers.

Our commitment

Our clients will always be the center of what we do. We effort to understand their needs, to create innovative products, offer the best service with the minimum if burocracy and fulfill the agreements.

One of our pillars is to give back to society, the environment, our collaborators and our customers to have nutritious and functional products.

Our clients will be benefit from our financial intelligence and the efficient and effective management of our company.

Functional products, healthy conditions, transparency in our processes, expert operativity and passion in everything that we do.

Our long experience in the market has teach us that, there’s always something else to do, a new market for explore, a new product for develop. We search for each day as a new beginning that take us to be long term sustainable.

Our experience

FRUTICOL has an integral portfolio of nutritional solutions, made from natural and fresh raw materials, with high quality standards, through standardized, certified and effective processes.

More than 40 years of experience in the international market, allows us to attend the production, commercialization, transformation and logistic operation of high-quality food products, focusing on producing diversity of flavors under innovative applications for the sector, quality standards, compliance and seriousness.


Our plant

Our plant obtains logistical benefits from our strategic location near the port of Buenaventura. It has a modern infrastructure, modern technology, wide product handling spaces, guarantee of the cold chain and the adequate sanitary design to comply with national and international regulations.

Kosher Certification


We have a production capacity of 2,570 tons per month and up to 130 containers, we are certified with KOSHER production and are in the process of certification in FSSC 22000.

Product Tons/month Containers
Frozen fruit 440 20
Functional foods 100 4
Frozen tuberns 175 7
Sugar 500 20
Panela 200 8
Guava dessert derivates 50 2
Premixed flours 120 5
Grain 120 5

Our Food Safety Policy

In our company C.I. FRUTICOL INDUSTRIAL SAS, we have developed our Food Safety Policy in order to implement and maintain a Safety Management System based on the FSSC 22000 scheme, in all processes related to production, packaging, storage, transportation and commercialization of fruit pulps. This policy is based on the following guidelines:

  • Compliance and execution of Good Manufacturing Practices to guarantee food safety, compliance with legal requirements and market needs.
  • The promotion of the development of competences and awareness of our collaborators, through training, communication and strengthening of their capacities to achieve excellence and continuous improvement of our processes.
  • Continuous Improvement of the Safety Management System and its processes, through the definition and application of corrective, preventive and improvement actions.
  • Development of innocuous products that do not affect the health and well-being of consumers through the implementation of effective communication channels with clients and consumers.
  • Fostering the development of our suppliers, based on the establishment of effective communication channels, which allow us to ensure the safety of raw materials, ingredients and packaging materials, as well as establishing a safe, effective and high-quality service for all.

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